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  1. I feel good when I'm with my friends and family but mainly when I'm with my family as I know they're always there for me and will always love me. There are many ways to feel happier, one of those telling your loved ones what you feel about them, that makes them feel happy and you will also feel happy. I try to tell my family how much I love them every day and it's true that it makes you feel happier. I'm very grateful for being so close to my family as not everyone has that privilege.

  2. I feel good when I'm with my friends, just only thinking about some of the moments that i've had with them already makes me happy.
    Obviously spending time with my family also makes me happy and I feel very grateful for having them when I need them.
    I think there are many ways that you can be happier. If you appreciate what you have, the people that surround and most importantly if you tell them how much you love them.

  3. What makes me happy is spend time with my friends, my family and studying now in Málaga.
    I think that we can be happier spending more time doing what we love.
    I feel grateful of having people that love me, also because living in the country and conditions that i live.

  4. 1-stay with my true frieds
    2-No, I don´t think so
    3-know the people I know now at day

    Raul Alvarez FLores

  5. 1. Being with the people who love and care about me and not having problems.

    2.Yes, when you learn how to worry less about problems.

    3.My friends, all of my family, and every all the good people that I have met during my life.

    Jose Manuel Ruiz Espadas

  6. Honestly I feel good with a lot of things in this life, and I consider myself so lucky because not everyone can be happy with such ease or they don't have the motivation.
    After all all of us are continually searching for happiness and finally they don't find anything.
    In my case listening to music, sharing my time with my loved ones, playing instrument, spending time with my pals, my mother and my lover.
    I'm so grateful for the education that I revived thanks to my mother, as well I'm so grateful with the ones who care for me day by day and even for my dog which always lick my legs when I return home.
    To sum up little in life are the best
    Alejandro Mateo 1BS1

  7. It makes me feel happy to be with my friends and with my family, it makes me happy to be enjoying the moment and to do things that I like like to play soccer but when I am happiest it is when I am doing something that I like very much without having other worries

    Yes, in my opinion I think we can learn every day to be happier and have a happier life in general

    I am grateful to have real friends and have a family that loves me and that supports me. I am grateful to my friends also for behaving well with my teammates and class .

  8. I feel good when I am listening to music or just being alone in my house, it is like if I was in completely peace. From my point of view we can learn how to be happy, it is just that each one has it's meaning of peace. I am grateful for my united family and all the chances that I have to do what I want and some people don't have.

    Antonio José Rodríguez Barba 1BC

  9. I feel really happy when I'm doing what I love, above all writing. Also I love spending time with my friends, they are so important for me. I usually remember good moments with them and automatically I laugh and smile.
    Yes, I think we can learn. I believe that I'm happier since I care less about problems. And it's important knowing how you feel and knowing your feelings, it is easier be happy if you are emotionally intelligent.
    I'm grateful for having a close family, a good friends and a healthy life.
    Claudia Guillén González

  10. I only need few things to be happy. One of them is staying with people who love me and who I love them, like my friends and family. Also, I will be happy if I am doing that I want without any concerns.

    I think we can't learn how to be happier with rules or something like this, but I think that we can do the things always because we want and doing them because we know that they will make us happier.

    Nowadays, I am grateful for people who are when I need them and also I am grateful for the possibility to obtain the basic things to my life that other people can't obtein.

  11. 1. What makes you feel good?
    There are a lot of things that make me feel good, so one is when I,ve worked really hard at something for a long time and achieving it and another is forgeting all of my worries and enjoying my free time with friends and family and having a good laugh.

    2. Do you think we can learn how to be happier?
    I don't believe it is something you learn, you just be happy and enjoy life and make the most of whatever you have and above all be grateful for it.

    3. Which good things in life are you grateful for?
    I,m grateful for having a roof over my head, food & water, great friends & family, education...basically an easy life with lots of chances.

  12. 1.
    Having friends that care of me and the family that I have make me feel really happy. Also, at the end of a term, after three months studying hard, when I see that I have good marks.

    I think that we can although it is not an easy thing, but we can learn some things that make us happier.

    I am grateful for having friends that are always with me and also because I have a family that cares of me.