Once again the English Department together with the Department of Bilingualism organized a day trip to Gibraltar. 

Javier tells us that once they crossed the border, they went to visit the Gibraltar Garrison Library. They enjoyed a guided tour and were really surprised to learn that this library contains some newspapers of "The Times" over two hundred years old; it is one of the oldest library on the Rock.

They also visited Gibraltar Chronicle , the second oldest newspaper in Europe, which employs 15 people. Teachers and students were shown about their work there. 

Finally, they had some free time to visit the most important streets in Gibraltar and climb the Rock to see the monkeys.

At 5:00 everyone was ready for the return trip. "It has been a great experience for everyone, teachers and students," he told us. 

On this trip, two buses were hired to take over 100 students accompanied by the following teachers: Javier Rodríguez, Adela Oña, Salvador Jiménez, José Miguel López and the teaching assistant Assistant Jordyn Lefoe.

(Spanish version by Isabel Pérez, Professional Training and Guidance teacher)

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